Thursday, September 6

Are you prepared?

With the semester Spring 08 Semester underway here at NWC, be sure you've prepared yourself:

1) You've read your Student Resource Packet that's arrived in the mail,

2) Have completed the NWC GOLD Process (if taking a Blackboard or Elluminate Live Course) ,

3) Have recieved your books and materials- should be arriving soon if you don't have them already,

4) Recieved your conference code numbers (if you're taking an audioconference class) and know when your class(es) meet.

5) Signed up for your PIN and completed the FAFSA for free federal student aid!

There are numerous student support services are available to you. Please contact us, check out the links on this blog or on the nwc website to discover the various resources available.

I hope this semester is a successful and enjoyable one for you!
Good luck!