Tuesday, February 23

Spring 2010 Regional Career Fairs!

Here are the dates and locations of the Spring 2010 Career Fairs in our region:

March 23: Golovin

March 24: Gambell

March 25: Elim

March 26: Stebbins
April 27: Shishmaref

April 28: Shaktoolik

April 29: Savoonga

April 30: Saint Michael
Contact Dawn Salesky for more information, to reserve a table or present!
Above are some of the presenters at last Fall's 2009 Regional Career Fairs.

Monday, February 15

Greetings from Shishmaref!

The 2010 Spring semester has arrived! I am glad to say that once again the number of registered students has gone up since the previous semester. Today, for instance, I had eight students taking a class at the Learning Center. Pictured above is Leona Goodhope and Karen Tocktoo in their ENGL 111 class with Sheri Skelton. And in the background we have Carol Ningeulook taking her ESK 106 class through E-Live.

Tuesday, February 2

Northwest Campus's 5th Annual College Goal Sunday

Held in more then 20 locations across the state (usually on the weekend following the Superbowl) this year's College Goal Sunday event was Sunday, January 31!

Two College Goal Sunday events were held in our region this year. One at Northwest Campus in Nome and the other at the Northwest Campus Learning Resource Center in Unalakleet. These important Financial Aid events guided students (and their parents) through the first step of the Financial Aid process- the FAFSA! In addition, the event provided an opportunity for students and their families to receive information on the various financial aid resources available in our region.

In Nome, close to 30 individuals attended the event!
Northwest Campus College Goal Sunday Event Coordinator Kacey Miller provided FAFSA information and a page by page web application demonstration.

With six attendees submitting their FAFSA's online!
NBHS Senior Lonny Booshu and parents complete the FAFSA.

NBHS Senior Derek Wieler and mother Cindy work on the FAFSA as volunteer Kirsten Timbers provides assistance.

Partner volunteers also shared regional financial aid information!

Three of Nome's College Goal Sunday Volunteers: Mike Rutledge (NWC), Heather Payenna (Nome Eskimo Comm.) and Dawn Miller (Kawerak, Inc.)

College Goal Sunday is Northwest Campus's "kick off" event for our yearly Spring financial aid outreach events. Now through April, Northwest Campus Advisors travel throughout the region offering mini- College Goal Sunday events.

If you'd like more information on these village event, check our Spring Schedule on this Student Blog or contact Kacey Miller or Reese Huhta at Northwest Campus. If you have any questions about the FAFSA, go online: http://www.fafsa.gov or call Northwest Campus. The deadline for UA scholarships is February 15, so APPLY NOW!

Thanks to all our partners, both regionally and statewide, for helping to make these events a success!