Wednesday, October 28

UAF NWC Web 2.0 Training

UAF NWC staff actively participating during a Web 2.0 training.

Digital Fluency Training in Nome

This week I was in Nome for Digital Fluency training. We've learned more about NWC Gold Process, AUTHSERV and ELMO, Google Mail, Blackboard, Elluminate Live, UAOnline, Website Resources such as and, the Northwest Campus Student Blog, Skype, UAF OIT, and FERPA.

In the picture we have Violet Kingeeguk (SVA Academic Coordinator), Reese Huhta (Regional Education Coordinator South), Molly Snell (SHH Academic Coordinator), Kacey Miller (Regional Education Coordinator North), and John P. Henry (SMK Academic Coordinator) in the computer lab during our Digital Fluency training.

Thursday, October 22

NWC at '09 BSSD Ed. Conference

Northwest Campus attended this year's BSSD Ed Conference in Stebbins and St. Michaels! Regional Educational Coordinator/ Advisor Kacey Miller attended both sites during the four day event. Aprille Pitt (BSSD's ANE Grant), Kacey Miller and Carol Gales (NWC's Program Development) at NWC's booth in Stebbins. (10-22-09)

Kacey and Carol at the NWC Booth in St. Michael. (10-21-09)

Presentations included topics such as paraprofessional degree opportunities, HS post secondary preparation program and BSSD/NWC's regional student support partnership.
The Landbridge Tollbooth Band out of Nome were the guest entertainment.