Tuesday, December 22

Happy Holidays from UAF- Northwest Campus!
We wish all our students a wonderful holiday break, and look forward to seeing many of you in the New Year!

A special thanks to our regional and statewide partners for the continued support and collaboration in providing higher education opportunities and resources for our students throughout the year. Quyanna!

Best wishes to you all, and a prosperous 2010!

- UAF Northwest Campus, Nome

Tuesday, December 8

Spring '10 Registration & Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Students!
This may find you wrapping up Christmas presents as well as your Spring semester final papers, labs, projects, presentations and reports! :) I hope this semester was successful for you and that it ends with a wonderful Holiday.

Spring Registration is open NOW! It closes Friday, January 15. Attempt to get yourself registered and into a class prior to the Christmas break. Classes fill up fast so make sure you get your seat! Get placement tested (if needed), get your funding all arranged, order your books (if you're taking an Ed class) and prepare yourself as soon as you can. Preparing for success helps ensure success! :) Need help with any of these, just email or call!

Spring semester starts Tuesday, January 19th!

If you have any questions or need assistance contact myself, Reese or (if available in your village) your local Academic Coordinator.
Best of luck, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from UAF Northwest Campus!

Wednesday, October 28

UAF NWC Web 2.0 Training

UAF NWC staff actively participating during a Web 2.0 training.

Digital Fluency Training in Nome

This week I was in Nome for Digital Fluency training. We've learned more about NWC Gold Process, AUTHSERV and ELMO, Google Mail, Blackboard, Elluminate Live, UAOnline, Website Resources such as http://nwc.uaf.edu and http://www.uaf.edu, the Northwest Campus Student Blog, Skype, UAF OIT, and FERPA.

In the picture we have Violet Kingeeguk (SVA Academic Coordinator), Reese Huhta (Regional Education Coordinator South), Molly Snell (SHH Academic Coordinator), Kacey Miller (Regional Education Coordinator North), and John P. Henry (SMK Academic Coordinator) in the computer lab during our Digital Fluency training.

Thursday, October 22

NWC at '09 BSSD Ed. Conference

Northwest Campus attended this year's BSSD Ed Conference in Stebbins and St. Michaels! Regional Educational Coordinator/ Advisor Kacey Miller attended both sites during the four day event. Aprille Pitt (BSSD's ANE Grant), Kacey Miller and Carol Gales (NWC's Program Development) at NWC's booth in Stebbins. (10-22-09)

Kacey and Carol at the NWC Booth in St. Michael. (10-21-09)

Presentations included topics such as paraprofessional degree opportunities, HS post secondary preparation program and BSSD/NWC's regional student support partnership.
The Landbridge Tollbooth Band out of Nome were the guest entertainment.

Thursday, September 3

What to try if Elluminate! won't load or keeps crashing on your newer Mac...

I experienced problems with Elive while in Koyuk for the recent job fair. Macs running OS X 10.4.X and Java 11.X were not affected. However, newer Macs on OS X 10.5.X and Java 12.X needed reordering of Java options. Here's how to do it:
1. Open the Mac's Hard Disk
a. Open the Applications folder
b. Open the Utilities folder
2. Open Java Preferences
a. Click on General
b. Click and drag Java SE 6 to the top of each of the lists
* If Java SE 6 is not available, it might be necessary to move J2SE 1.4.2 to the top. Early releases of J2SE 5.0 in Mac OS X 10.5 cause some issues with E-Live features; E-Live would load but wouldn't have all the features. Moving J2SE 1.4.2 is a workaround to running Software Update to get everything fully up to date; once everything is up to date, Java SE 6 can be moved to the top.

The University's OIT department talked me through the process and it worked for me. [My Mac worked with the following order: Java SE 6, then SE 5-32 bit, then SE 5-64 bit, then 1.4.2] I hope this helps, if would like to check your systems requirements before classes begin please go through our GOLD process.

Monday, August 31


It's not too late to register for the Fall '09 Semester at Northwest Campus!

Below are some important upcoming dates:
- September 4: Last day of Registration
- September 7: Holiday- Campus is Closed, no classes
- September 8: First Day of Classes!
- September 8-14: Late Registration: This week you can still register with approval, however there's a $50 late fee and $40 express mail fee for materials. The 14th marks the last day to withdraw from a course for 100% tuition.
- September 15-21: Late Registration: With approval and available room, you can be admitted into a course. A $100 late fee, as well as $40 express mail fee for materials. The 21 marks the last day to withdraw from a course for 50% of tuition.
- September 22- 28: Late Registration: Approval required. $150 late fee, $40 express mail fee applied.

Call Northwest Campus for assistance! 1.800. 478. 2202 (Nome Campus) or 1.888.624.3158 (Unalakleet Center).

Sunday, August 30

Fall 2009 Bering Strait Career Fairs!

This week we traveled to Koyuk, Unalakleet, Savoonga and Teller for the BSSD's Fall Career Fairs! Beautiful weather, happy students and great events were held at each site. Below are pictures of the Savoonga and Teller Fairs.

Attendees at the Savoonga Career Fair 8.27.09
Kacey and Savoonga Northwest Campus liaison Violet Kingeekuk at the UAF-NWC Display

Teller Career Fair 08.28.09

Instructor Mike Rutledge helping students experience Elive! Kacey working with rotating student groups, talking about her career and going to college!

BSSD's Aprille Pitt and Northwest Campus' Kacey Miller meeting with the Teller school staff about available degrees and Fall '09 course offerings.

Kacey with NWC student and BSSD paraprofessional Lily Olanna at the 2009 Teller Career Fair. Thank you to BSSD and Kawerak for the invitation and warm welcome at the wonderful event(s)!

Wednesday, August 12

NWC Southern Region Advising--Fall Hours

The Unalakleet learning center is currently open from 9 AM to 5 PM weekdays for advising and student services.

Beginning on the first day of instruction for Fall semester, the learning center will be open from 9 AM to 8:30 PM Mondays through Thursdays and from 9 AM to 4 PM Fridays. We are also available by appointment and special arrangements can be made for student needs as they arise.

Reese is the southern Norton Sound regional coordinator and provides support to the villages of Koyuk, Shaktoolik, Unalakleet, St. Michael and Stebbins. Velma is the academic coordinator of the Unalakleet NWC learning center and is available evenings at our center. If you are passing through, please stop by--we are located above the new post office.

About the picture: Unalakleet Elder Oscar Koutchak leads a discussion of traditional place names for Conversational Inupiaq. Hazel (right) and instructor Willa Towarak-Eckenweiler (left) listen intently.

Monday, August 3

Bookstore and Textbooks

Students, here is important information regarding the ordering of your Fall '09 textbooks and course materials!

The textbook list is posted in three places for your convenience:
- the CRCD homepage
- the CRCD bookstore page (under student assistance)
- the Registration page (also under registration)
It is labeled "Fall 2009 Textbook List".

The file is in a PDF format, so you should be able to print it easily. You will also see a new section on the list which is listed as "Used Textbooks", for all registrations you will use the "new" textbook price. Once orders are submitted to the bookstore we will allocate the used textbooks FIFO (First In First out), and process a refund at that time to your account. We hope to allow this option prior to registration in the future.

Another feature that we have added to the Fall 09 textbook/material mail out will be the automated confirmation number. As your textbooks are shipped from the CRCD location an email will be generated to you ( via the email you have on file in our system) with a list of materials ordered and the confirmation of the package being shipped. You can start looking for this email on or around August 17th till the end of the month. We hope this will assist you in tracking your order.

The bookstore contact information is: 907-474-7714 or toll free 1-877-651-4002 Fax: 907-474-7743

Other contacts at the CRCD Bookstore: MaryAlice Short (CRCD Bookstore Manager) direct line 907-474-7714

Natonya Tata (Textbook Coordinator) direct line 907-474-7712

Contact Northwest Campus if you have any questions or need assistance!

Monday, July 27

Time for FALL '09 Registration!

Heads up Students!
As of Monday, July 27, Registration is open for the Fall '09 semester!
Download and view the course schedule at the Northwest Campus website here.

Remember to refer to your education plan and confirm your registration with a university advisor for appropriate placement. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Northwest Campus student advisors. Reese is currently available, Kacey will be back in the office August 3.

Hope your summer has been bountiful and restful. We look forward to hearing from you all regarding the Fall 2009 semester!

Tuesday, June 16

Hegdal recognized by UAF

A pretty neat article of Lorena Hegdal, originally from the Seward Peninsula...

Friday, May 29

Applying Pays Off...

I witness every semester how scholarships help you to further your education. I encourage you to do the FAFSA and stress how important it is to apply, Apply, APPLY for scholarships! I was recently given an opportunity to apply for a scholarship myself. I want to share this experience and outcome with you...

This year, the WASFAA (Western Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators) Conference was in Anchorage. Held annually every April, individuals from Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Hawaii and Alaska all gather to discuss various topics relating to Federal Financial Aid. This year the WASFAA organization provided scholarships to individuals who were interested in attending. I was interested in the Conference and I just couldn't (with clear conscious) be hypocritical, not apply, or justify that it wasn't worth a try. On the application I expressed my interest in learning about other Financial Aid Administrators' successful outreach programs, possibly sharing my experiences of financial aid in Western Alaska and my constant desire to become a better financial aid advisor. Excitingly, I was notified the next month that I was selected by my state as the Alaska Scholarship Recipient and thus awarded a scholarship to the Conference!

That led me to participating as a panelist during a session named "College Goal Sunday Redefined", where I spoke about my experiences with FAFSA College Goal Sunday and the various regional Financial Aid outreach events I coordinated in the region. I also was asked to be Moderater in a session regarding the "I'm Going to College" statewide early student awareness program. I was also able to share with others my unique stories, connect with other professionals in the field of Financial Aid and become more informed and educated about the recent Federal Student Aid changes.

With fellow College Goal Sunday panelists Ashley Munro (UAF Financial Aid) and Gianna Thornton (Prince William Sound Community College)

One evening the UAF Inu-Yupiaq dancers came and welcomed the conference participants to Alaska. I joined them in a dance I knew, which originated in Togiak. This made me very proud to represent rural Alaska and the wonderful students I serve.

During one day of the conference there was a WASFAA luncheon. I was able to visit with other University of Alaska Financial Aid staff from across the state.

I was also able to collaborate and connect with other Alaska Financial Aid Advisors! L-R Gianna Thornton (PWSCC), Ashley Munro (UAF), myself and Jaclyn Cabales (Kuskokwim Campus)

In hindsight, I'm very glad I applied for this scholarship. What is significant to me is that it gave me the tools to increase my effectiveness, which directly benefits YOU, the students I work with. I know this is a familiar situation for many of you. You also apply for student aid and scholarships to learn how to be more effective and better yourself. This student aid is also conduit for creating those important connections and memorable experiences, while bettering the situation for your family, your community and most importantly-yourself!
By sharing this scholarship and conference story with you, I hope you find incentive and encouragement to continue applying for scholarships every year. You are incredibly fortunate to have so much student aid available to assist you in continuing your education and reaching your goals. Take advantage of it! Just apply and go for it, you never know until you try. There's help every step of the way.

And hey, if you have a similar scholarship experience, post it as well!

From me to you, happy applying! :)
~Kacey Miller
Regional Education Coordinator, North
NWC Academic and Financial Aid Advisor

Thursday, April 23

Spring 09 FAFSA/Student Service Events and Outreach Trips!

We were busy this Spring! Below are pics taken of NWC Student Services events and places we visited.
Arriving in White Mountain...

visiting Golovin...

and completing FAFSA's...at the James C. Isabell Teller School!

Financial Aid presentations at Inupiaq Days in Shishmaref! photo by Angie Alston, Shishmaref School

One of our distance students in Shishmaref racing in the Shishmaref Dog Races!
Go Bessie!

In beautiful Elim,
assisting UA Scholars student, meeting with paraprofessionals and other students at Aniguin School. Also checking in with our Early Childhood Education distance students at the Elim Headstart.

Photo of Joyce Takak, recent NWC A.A.S. graduate, with son Matt Takak, Elim's 09 UA Scholar. Way to go Matt!

A special thanks goes to the Wales, Golovin, Teller, Shishmaref, White Mountain and Elim Schools, principals and site mentors for their hospitality during my visits! Another successful year of great partnerships. We'll see you all again next year, Quyanna!!

Tuesday, March 24

We're on Facebook!

Join the SHELLBSR (Supporters of Higher Ed & Lifelong Learning in the Bering Strait Region) Facebook Group! Here's the link to the online group: SHELLBSR

Thursday, February 19


It's time to fill out the FAFSA!

UAF Northwest Campus is committed to helping students complete their FAFSA's! We are offering several events this spring to assist students in our region with FAFSA completions! Here are some pictures of our events!

  • FAFSA Presentation and assistance in WALES:


    We had 18 participants at the event this year, with 5 students completing their FAFSA's online!

    Here are some of our awesome volunteers:

    Assistance was provided for online FAFSA submissions:

  • The FIRST EVER BSSD district-wide FAFSA Videoteleconference!
    We had 54 HS Seniors (and parents) recieve FAFSA information and assistance!
    We even had door prizes, YAHOO!
    Kacey showing an alarm clock donated by Kawerak, Inc. for a door prize:

    Thanks to our partners and everyone who helps to make these events possible! Want to know more about FAFSA and join the Frenzy? Contact UAF Northwest Campus! Please return for more pictures of our FAFSA Frenzy!
  • Monday, February 9

    UAF-Northwest Campus Unalakleet LRC update

    Hi students and educational partners!
    This is "FAFSA Frenzy" month, so now is the best time to apply for federal financial aid!  Kacey and I will be traveling and assisting residents complete FAFSAs, so check with us to see if we are coming to a location near you!
    Updated UNALAKLEET hours of operation
    My office hours are 9 to 5 and I can be reached at 624-3157, toll-free 800-624-3158, nnrsh@uaf.edu, & by fax at 624-3148.  Velma Johnson answers my phone and her own, 624-3147, late afternoons and evenings on Mondays through Thursdays.
    The Unalakleet LRC is open for student and public use from 10 AM to 7 PM Monday-Thursday, 10AM to 4PM Friday, and by appointment.  Please stop by and say hi--we are above the post-office and next to NSEDC's Unalakleet offices.
    UNALAKLEET courses
    ESK 115P, Conversational Inupiaq, is taught by Willa Eckenweiler-Towarak, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 8 PM throughout February.
    I am teaching DEVS 110, College Success Skills, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 to 3 PM throughout February.

    Monday, January 26

    Spring O9 Village Visits!

    Here are the village visits and events planned this Spring Semester:

    January 26/27- Wales
    February 8- College Goal Sunday Nome
    February 8- Shishmaref
    February 18- White Mountain
    February 19- Stebbins
    February 20- Saint Michael
    February 24-26- Kawerak Regional Conference
    February 25- Unalakleet
    March 4- Koyuk
    March 18- Shaktoolik
    March 26- Golovin
    April 2- Teller
    April 22- Elim

    Are we coming to your community? Placement testing, academic advising, placement testing, financial aid assistance and degree plan assistance are all available. Please contact us if you have any questions, or if we can meet with you while we're in your neck of the woods... :)

    Wednesday, January 7

    Spring Registration!

    Spring Registration closes Sunday January 11! Call or stop by Northwest Campus for assistance!