Thursday, April 23

Spring 09 FAFSA/Student Service Events and Outreach Trips!

We were busy this Spring! Below are pics taken of NWC Student Services events and places we visited.
Arriving in White Mountain...

visiting Golovin...

and completing FAFSA' the James C. Isabell Teller School!

Financial Aid presentations at Inupiaq Days in Shishmaref! photo by Angie Alston, Shishmaref School

One of our distance students in Shishmaref racing in the Shishmaref Dog Races!
Go Bessie!

In beautiful Elim,
assisting UA Scholars student, meeting with paraprofessionals and other students at Aniguin School. Also checking in with our Early Childhood Education distance students at the Elim Headstart.

Photo of Joyce Takak, recent NWC A.A.S. graduate, with son Matt Takak, Elim's 09 UA Scholar. Way to go Matt!

A special thanks goes to the Wales, Golovin, Teller, Shishmaref, White Mountain and Elim Schools, principals and site mentors for their hospitality during my visits! Another successful year of great partnerships. We'll see you all again next year, Quyanna!!