Friday, March 5

Scholarship Opportunity for Students

The Northwest Campus has two $500 scholarships available to students interested in pursuing a degree. The Mike Saclamana Scholarship is open to students who demonstrate a commitment to continuing their education, community service, and leadership. If you would like an application or more information, please contact Liz Guthier at the Northwest Campus at 443-8403, 800-478-2202, ext. 8403, or The deadline to apply for the 2010-2011 school year is April 12, 2010.

Tuesday, March 2

Shishmaref's 3rd College Goal Sunday & I Know I Can Events!

Shishmaref held it's 3rd annual College Goal/FAFSA Workshop event on February 16! Kacey Miller (UAF-Northwest Campus), Ken Stenek (Shishmaref HS) and Gabrielle Russell (UAF- Rural Student Services) coordinated this year's event. The workshop had seven attendees, with five individuals completing their Free Application for Federal Student Aid forms online! In addition to completing their FAFSA's, students received other financial aid information and resources.

Thank you Shishmaref School for hosting the event!

Shishmaref's 2nd Grade classroom participated in the region's first "I Know I Can" event on February 17. Kacey Miller coordinated the event with Shishmaref 2nd Grade teacher Denise Thoreson. Gabrielle Russell from UAF Rural Student Services volunteered to read the "I Know I Can" book to the class and help with the activity.
The students drew on postcards what they wanted to become in the future! In several years the postcards will be mailed back to the students to remind them of their goals after high school and the "I Know I Can" event!
Kacey Miller chats with students about "going to college or training" after they graduate.

Doctors! Policeman! Health Aides! Store workers! The students had touching and inspiring dreams for their future. Thank you teacher Denise Thoreson and Shishmaref School for a memorable "I Know I Can' event!