Thursday, September 16

Four Lives: Four Successes

Four of our recent graduates are being featured in the UAF Aurora Magazine!

Congratulations Nikki, Lisa, Marie and Janet!


Tuesday, September 14


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Tuesday, September 7

Fall Happenings at NWC!

There are a lot of things going on these days! Students are preparing for their first day of class, campus is under construction, summer is ending and everyone's busy subsisting and preparing for winter.
Student Services has been busy, as well!

Shishmaref Learning Center Update
Thanks our Title III grant, Northwest Campus was able to purchase equipment and material to upgrade our Shishmaref Learning Center for our students.
Below are some pictures of our updated center:
New Student Carrels and 7 new Mac computers with HughesNet!

Student gathering area and Staff Office

Northwest Campus Construction!
Here is a link to a webcam that shows the progress going on on campus!
Check it out:

2nd Annual NWC/UA BBQ!
Tomorrow, Wednesday Sept. 8 will be our Second Annual NWC/UA student BBQ! Despite the wet conditions, we're still celebrating our students and want to invite everyone (all past, prior, current students) in Nome and the region to come over. You might have noticed we have some construction going on on campus, so the event will be held in the back parking lot behind the Cooperative Extension Building on Moore Way. Free hotdogs, burgers, chips, cake, drinks! Hope to see you there!!

Northwest Campus will be at the Teller Career Fair this Friday. We also will be supplying our students with our nice Northwest Campus Student Planners, so look for those in the mail soon! Wishing the best of luck to all our students this Fall semester!